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About Arek Armenian:

Arek is Rosetta’s award-winning type family covering Latin and Armenian. The design draws on extensive research in traditional manuscripts, exploring and emphasising the distinctive, calligraphic roots of Armenian. The highly original cursive style breaks new ground in Armenian typography for the digital age, offering an original secondary style for distinction and widening the existing sylistic repertoire. Details such as serifs and terminal styles are shared between Latin and Armenian.

The visual harmony is enhanced by common vertical proportions, and the modest x-height in the Latin is sensitively engineered alongside the Armenian. Originally designed for school books, Arek equips the typographer with ten styles covering a wide range for editorial and other challenging typesetting environments. The family also provides expert features such as ligatures, lining and ranging figures, and contextual alternates.

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What others say:

“… it melodiously announces that a multi-script typeface need have neither a servile non-Latin component, nor a Latin that’s either swiped or a generic afterthought.”

Hrant Pappazian for Typographica

“It’s vivacious and playful in large sizes, and also full-proportioned, open, and effortlessly readable in text sizes, adding an undercurrent of frenetic energy to the flow of body copy.”

Mark Jamra for Typographica

“The Armenian typography has old history but it’s still too young compared to Latin computer fonts. There is not enough fonts and we are always looking for something interesting and new. So when I’ve accidentally found Arek it was a good luck for us.”

— Gegham Vardanyan, Yerevan magazine

Designed by: Khajag Apelian

Published: 2012

Language support:

Armenian (1 language)
Armenian (1 language)

Latin (47 languages)
Latin (47 languages)
Afar, Afrikaans, Asturian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Cebuano, Corsican, Danish, English, Faroese, Galician, Ganda, German, Hiligaynon, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Javanese (Latin), Kalaallisut, Latin, Luxembourgish, Malaysian (Latin), Manx, Neapolitan, Norwegian, Occitan, Portuguese, Romansh, Romany, Samoan, Sardinian, Scottish Gaelic, Sicilian, Spanish, Sundanese (Latin), Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tokelau, Tsonga, Tumbuka, Venetian, Walloon, Xhosa, Zulu

Variable font axes:
Weight (wght): 400 to 800

First prize for Armenian at Granshan 2010
ATypI Letter.2 award 2011
Typographica’s Best of 2013
Armenian (1 language)
Armenian (1 language)
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Design: Khajag Apelian

Khajag Apelian is a Lebanese graphic and type designer of Armenian descent. Raised between Dubai and Beirut, Khajag received a bachelor’s degree in Typography and Motion Graphics from Notre Dame University in Lebanon, and an M.Des. in Type and Media from KABK in The Hague.

Khajag worked in branding with Landor Associates, Dubai, before starting his career as a freelancer under “debakir” in the Netherlands in 2009. Debakir focused on Arabic typography projects with various organisations such as Opera Amsterdam, One/one, the Mediamatic Foundation, and the Khatt Foundation. In 2010 Khajag co-founded — together with Lara Balaa — Majooun, a visual communication and type design studio based in Beirut.


Production : David Březina
Font engineering : Johannes Neumeier