Adobe Typekit Marketplace

Today, Adobe Typekit Marketplace has been announced as a next, logical step in the Typekit story. When Typekit started, it brought the software-as-service approach to fonts while tackling the technical challenges of webfonts at the same time. Licencing and managing fonts on the web had finally become user-friendly. It helped webfonts to become a thing.

Once acquired by Adobe, it also developed into a font-hub for all their applications, for both web and desktop fonts. All fonts were pre-licenced by Adobe for the convenience of their users. While convenient, it naturally limited the selection.

Figure: Most of Rosetta’s Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Armenian fonts are now available on Adobe Typekit Marketplace

Typekit Marketplace is removing these limitations by allowing users to licence fonts directly from type publishers (like Rosetta). All of this with transparent terms that are fairly standardised across the publishers. The fonts can be synced with desktop or mobile applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud. An unprecedented ease of use. The fonts designers want, built into the tools they use. Security and fair treatment for the type publishers. This could become a complete game-changer. An App Store for fonts.

At Rosetta, we believe in independent fonts and independent foundries. We see Adobe’s efforts as complementary to this – rethinking what fonts could be, an essential part of typographic tools. Plugins of typographic style so to speak. These are exciting times for the type industry and we are happy to sit in the first row.

You can find nearly all of our Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Armenian fonts on Typekit Marketplace today. Arabic and Indic fonts will come in the future.

2 November 2016
licencing foundry news