Neacademia version 2

Figure: Neacademia version 2

This updates includes:

  • many minor adjustments to Cyrillic lettershapes in order to further improve readability.
  • small caps for both Latin and Cyrillic in the upright (roman) version.
  • small cap figures!
  • some more alternate glyphs (Cyrillic alternate ф (ef) in italic is accessible via stylistic set 1).
  • bug fixes and improvements to kerning and contextual alternates.

Please note that text originally set in some older version can reflow when reset in the updated version. Therefore, we recommend keeping backup copies of the old versions.

See the updated specimen to get a better idea of what has been changed.

Our thanks to Florian Hardwig and Maxim Zhukov for their insightful comments.

1 January 2012
release update cyrillic Neacademia