Baroda lecture and the press

Last Tuesday (27 March) David Březina gave the last lecture of the “Rosetta Indian tour” in the city of Vadodara (aka Baroda). Baroda is the fourth largest city in Gujarat and one of its main cultural centres. The public lecture was focused on explaining type design as a profession, its objectives, and its challenges in the area of Indian writing systems with a focus on Gujarati. David also presented the recently unveiled extensions of Skolar for Devanagari and Gujarati. This cooperation between David and Vaibhav Singh is aimed at enhancing complex typography in newspapers, magazines, and academic publications. The audience was great and the discussion afterwards was inspiring, to say the least.

There was even a press conference connected with the lecture. Three major newspapers reported about our pursuits: Divya Bhaskar (in Gujarati), Gujarat Samachar (in Gujarati), and Times of India (in English). You can see the articles below. They are not entirely flawless, but illustrate the importance of new fonts for Indian scripts quite well.

Our deepest gratitude to Kalapi Gajjar Bordawekar and his family for inviting us. The lecture was sponsored and endorsed by the Association of British Scholars.

2 April 2012
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