Rosetta Loft

We’ve moved into a shiny new workspace, and you’re invited to join us!

After a couple of years of nomadic, office-less life, we have decided to settle again. However, we didn’t want to set up a studio just for ourselves. We wanted a space we could share. A space where our collaborators and friends could visit us, and where we could work on projects together – but also a space into which we could invite type-friendly local designers and students to attend workshops and release parties.

So, for the past two months Anna has been busy kitting out the new Rosetta Loft. It’s located in the centre of beautiful Brno, a city known for its modern architecture, biennial of graphic design, controversial statues, and too many cafés per capita. One third of the Loft is dedicated to the Rosetta HQ. Another third is for other designers: there is a small co-working space, and a couple of available offices. The remaining third is a common area for workshopping, hanging out, and of course having parties. We have two balconies with great views, a small typographic library, and way too many bathrooms.

Interested in joining us? We are currently renting desk and office space. If you’re looking for a new work environment, get in touch and come over for coffee or tea and a tour.

Even if you’re based elsewhere, we might have something for you. We are reserving desk space in our studio to offer free for up to one month to visiting designers we know personally. Come visit us to focus on a project or get a new perspective on your work. Send us an email to enquire about availability.

We are already planning some events and a type design residency programme for recent graduates. Stay tuned to our social networks for more information.

For enquiries, contact Anna Giedryś at

20 July 2018
foundry news