Skolar version 3.0

Today we release Skolar version 3.0. It brings support for Vietnamese in all weights (both Latin Pro and PE), improved composition for polytonic Greek and extended Latin, new monetary symbols, and, for typographic aficionados, the long-missing primes!

Figure: Skolar version 3.0

The Vietnamese was developed by David Březina and Ben Mitchell with consultancy from Vietnamese type specialist Pham Đam Ca, and it was kindly supported by the monks from the Sutta Central ( project. While seemingly simple, as it only contains accented Latin letters, Vietnamese is relatively difficult to design well. It combines accents which change base characters with marks which denote tonality. These often stack atop each other and need to create a harmonious whole on both the ‘accent’ as well as the ‘tonal’ levels. This is something we learned thanks to Đam Ca and hopefully we implemented it well.

This update is free for all customers no matter where they initially bought the Skolar fonts. If you wish to update, email us with a copy of your receipt.

These changes only apply to Skolar Latin Pro (or only Skolar) and Skolar PE. Versions Basic, Cyrillic, and Greek are not updated.

Please note that the layout of your texts may change and there may be minor reflows if you use this version instead of any previous version. We suggest backing up the old fonts before you reinstall with the new ones.

Figure: Skolar version 3.0


  • added support for Vietnamese (over 150 accented glyphs)
  • added primes (minute, second)
  • lining figures are now default
  • added new currency symbols: Turkish lira symbol, Indian rupee symbol and Vietnamese dong symbol
  • larger bullets
  • added Wheel of Dharma (Dharmacakra) symbol
  • improved support for Catalan punt volant
  • greatly improved composition and decomposition rules for extended Latin and polytonic Greek [PE only]
  • improved mark positioning for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic (esp. accent combinations with ogonek letters) [PE only]
  • added support for ij with acute [PE only]
  • changed approach to font naming in pre-OpenType applications
  • optimised dcroat and hbar in Bold weights
  • other minor bug-fixes and improvements
  • specimen updated with user manual for Skolar’s combinable arrows
6 June 2013
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