Neacademia Display released

Neacademia is an extremely well-researched revival from Sergei Egorov. As every typographic novice knows, it used to take years to finish a set of metal founts. Being a faithful revival project, Neacademia is in no rush for completion either, maturing like a good wine along the way. Yet, today, two years and two months after the release of the Text sorts, we give you Neacademia Display.

Needless to say, Sergei would not think it genuine to simply tweak the Text version to make it perform better in headlines. Neacademia Display is another revival in its own right. A revival which maintains a visual link to its calligraphic roots rather than to the typographic ones (unlike the Text version). And it includes the wide typographic repertoire you have learnt to expect from the Text fonts, that is, support for pan-European Latin and extended Cyrillic, small caps, contextual alternates to refine spacing, stylistic alternates, ligatures, various figure styles, and of course ornaments!

Furthermore, with this update we have gone to great lengths to get Neacademia’s remastered fonts perform better on screen. Also, all fonts now include Latin and Cyrillic (with same price tag!).

Following Rosetta’s policy of free updates, drop us a line if you wish to receive the remastered fonts.

1 October 2013
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