Neacademia Subhead released

2015 marks the 500th anniversary of Aldus Manutius’ death. To celebrate “the birth of reading as we know it” * and without further ado, we proudly introduce Neacademia Subhead by Sergei Egorov. Subhead, the third member of the great system of Aldine type revivals, hits the sweet spot in situations where Display is too much and Text is too little. For documents that speak Russian, Latin, Kazakh, English, or any other of the 139 languages supported. We hope Mr Manutius would approve of Sergei’s work, and we strongly believe you should!

The final piece in this magnum opus, Neacademia Small Text will be released eventually. You know, for special occasions where Text is just a little too much. It may take another year or so. “Hurry slowly” (“Festina lente”) was Manutius’ motto which he adopted from a Roman coin. And we have adopted it from him.

* That’s how The New York Times called it.

23 March 2015
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